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Vasectomy Reversal - New Opportunity for Family Planning

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Many couples associate their own children with fulfillment and happiness. The experience of pregnancy, the smell of soft baby skin, the first glimpse of bright children's eyes - these experiences can not be outweighed in gold. All the more painful is the renunciation of this formative period felt. But there is a new reason for hope, because the fertility can often be restored to the man himself after many years.

Thus, the condition is created to revive the dream of family happiness and make it a reality. Refertilization is a microsurgical outpatient procedure. The technique for reversing the sterilization is controlled only by a few surgeons. Dr. Martin Petsch is one of the leading experts in the field of refertilization and has already been able to help many couples. Maybe soon you too.

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The reversal of a vasectomy (microsurgical refertilization or even vasectomy reversal) is carried out in the modern sense for about 40 years. Most frequent motive is a new partnership, but also the death of a child or improved financial circumstances can lead to a renewed wish for a child; About 3.5% of all sterilized men can be refertilized again, about twice as many think about it at some point. During the operation, the closed vas deferens' ends are exposed, then the patency of the stumps is checked. The vas deferens are sewn together under the microscope in a technically very demanding operation.